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Carpet lovers can tell you, it only takes one experience with this lush material to fall in love with it. In fact, thanks to updated manufacturing techniques and technology, there are more benefits than there ever have been before. On the other hand, the age-old benefits are still in place, just as they’ve always been, leading more and more people to understand why some homeowners are so faithful to this one floor covering.

At R.C. Carpet, our family-owned business brings 35 years of experience to every project that we undertake. Offering a wide selection of high-quality flooring at a price you can afford is a top priority for us. However, the customer will always take first place, as you’ll find yourself when you visit us at our Millsboro, DE showroom. From there, we serve the communities of Rehoboth, Delaware, Lewes Del, Millsboro, Del, Milton, Del, and Georgetown, Del. We look forward to meeting and assisting you with all of your flooring needs, so stop by at your convenience.

Depending on the benefits of carpet

Of all the benefits you’ll find in carpet flooring, probably the one that comes to mind first is the amazing underfoot softness. Even with shorter, denser materials, the softness is still unmistakable, as is the warmer touch. It makes getting out of bed on a frosty winter morning a whole lot more comfortable if your feet land on soft, plush fibers, giving more reason than ever to choose it today.

Fiber choice is important, as different fibers offer different characteristics and benefits. One might be best suited for high-traffic areas that are known to weather a lot of spills, while another is better left for guest bedrooms, where traffic is almost non-existent. Your flooring professional will help you choose the one that is perfect for your own set of preferences and needs.

Heat retention is another favorite of homeowners who choose carpet. The flooring, along with the underpadding installed beneath the flooring, acts as another layer of insulation. This means the heat created in your home will stay there longer, where you’ll get the most benefit. Furthermore, it will create actual end-of-season savings you’ll be able to see in a reduced heating bill.

Other benefits you will find very useful are noise reduction, built-in stain protection, hypoallergenic fibers, and safety for both young and old residents of your home.

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